Why We Choose to Raise Our Children in the Catholic Church

By Ana Borden

There is one constant I turn to in my life in our ever changing, chaotic and imperfect world; it is my Roman Catholic faith. This foundation provides me with inner peace and happiness so much so that I consider it the most precious gift bestowed to me.

My faith is a progression fueled by life’s experiences, listening and acting on the living word and inner reflectiveness. This ongoing journey is a lively and blessed adventure with moments of great highs and lows.

Despite any deviation, we know that God’s love and grace for his children will never fault. And, this is why my husband and I choose to raise our children in the Catholic Church.

Because faith is  . . .  

  • internal peace.
  • hope following a tragedy.
  • not fearing death knowing there is eternal life.
  • forgiving, sometimes over and over again.
  • action
  • having conviction when others question you.
  • finding strength to conquer temptation during moments of weakness.
  • leading not leaving.      

Why have you chosen to raise your child in the Catholic faith?                 

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